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Dry construction in Light Steel Frame, Design and Construction of new concept buildings completely dry assembled, non-polluting, totally anti-seismic and eco-sustainable.

External walls, internal walls, roofing systems and casings of all kinds.

Starting also from the architectural project already in the customer's possession, we proceed to its engineering in order to achieve the required standard.

The various components and sub-systems, structures, systems, enclosure closures, interact with each other in a synergistic and harmonious way.

Anti-seismic and

Eco friendly

Because, Dry Building in Light Steel Frame means structural and anti-seismic safety: the safety of metal constructions is closely related to the characteristics of steel in terms of elasticity, strength, lightness and ductility; this allows to have a seismic-resistant construction system or to reach a high level of energy dissipation under the effect of seismic actions.
To complete a steel work are the mechanical connections between the metal elements, which have the function of transferring the stresses between the elements up to the foundation and limiting or canceling the movements of the structure under the effect of horizontal actions, together with the bracing systems. Because, Dry Building in Light Steel Frame means Sustainability towards the environment which has allowed us to promote production processes with a high level of eco-efficiency, optimizing all stages of processing.
We talk about sustainability as the construction process of a dry construction involves the use of less energy, also in terms of manpower, for the same built area, compared to traditional construction techniques. Building in steel means having a thought towards the future and the new generations as any product can be both reused and recycled 100%, indefinitely and without altering its physical-mechanical qualities.



Because, Dry Building in Light Steel Frame means being Energy efficient, saving on operating costs and offering superior levels of environmental comfort.
As the latest evolution of building systems, the solutions and processes that contribute to the design and construction of a Light Steel Frame structure of our Costruire Leggero Brand have been developed with the focus on performance in terms of thermal and environmental efficiency.
The peculiar structural profile allows the insertion of the best and most suitable insulating materials, thus limiting the transmission of heat through the walls. The great thermal efficiency achieved by the buildings guarantees significant energy savings and greater respect for the environment, unlike traditional building technologies, ensuring the achievement of at least class A of the building. The analysis of the thermal bridges carried out on the finite elements highlighted the absence of heat dispersion even at the nodal interconnection points between vertical and horizontal closures both in plan and elevation. The results also revealed the lack of formation of surface condensation phenomena within the premises. Heating systems, photovoltaics, or other systems to obtain renewable energy are easily integrated into the structure.

Lightweight and Fast

Because, Dry Building in Light Steel Frame means being Light or creating spaces where “heavy” technologies do not make it possible.
The lightness of the structural elements is made possible by a high weight / strength ratio, a characteristic which, in turn, allows to simplify the transport and installation of the structures and to minimize the collateral effects due to the increase in load. and masses on existing structures or to be built.
Because, Dry construction in Light Steel Frame means being Fast in execution, allowing you to meet market demands and reduce construction costs. The industrialization of the building process, that is, all the phases that lead to the construction of the structural elements, makes it possible to reduce construction times by about 60% compared to the timing of traditional construction processes. Once the production phase is complete, all the elements are ready to be transported to the construction site and subsequently assembled, optimizing transport, handling and assembly times.
Even the base (the foundations) are made with considerable savings in space, time and costs as the building, while being more solid thanks to steel, is 80% lighter than a masonry one and 50% lighter. compared to a wooden one.


Designing your home to give it the shape you like best, inspired by classic models of elegance or projected into the future, thanks to futuristic shapes and lines, strictly minimal or richly decorated. Furnish it exactly, before construction, according to your taste and the proposals of the most exclusive Interior design suggested by the best consultants.
Everyone has a concept of perfection to which they aspire and with this constructive method there are no limits to desire..


Imagination, personality, tastes, intended uses: the construction system in Light Steel Frame of Costruire Leggero does not place limits on the architectural and stylistic variations of buildings. Structures and building methods are conceived for the widest design and construction freedom. Through the realization in steel the project can reach the maximum degree of customization in full respect of the style and tastes of the client. We interpret and create your style.

In the footsteps of Eiffel

The construction system in Light Steel Frame of Costruire Leggero finds its foundations also by the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel. in fact, some crossings and fixing systems of our steels are still used today. A Visionary professional who had intuited a system able to be ahead of the times and which today stands as the emblem of a construction method destined to overcome traditional systems, in the new building era that will develop all over the planet.

Latest Achievements

Presentation of projects made with our Light Steel Frame Construction System of Costruire Leggero


It is a new dry construction technology of Costruire Leggero that allows you to expand or create your new offices, even multi-storey ones.

In just 5 days we are able to build an extension of 60 square meters without foundation works.

In the context of your production facility, we can create or increase the surface area for office use on one or two floors and equip your warehouse with a protected and comfortable work area, without stopping your production, respecting the maximum safety criteria and the best management of the building site.

The Luxury of Steel

The luxury of steel security, against earthquakes, fires, natural events and wear and tear.

The structure of the buildings of Costruire Leggero is a guarantee of the highest safety standards currently attainable.

Steel is today the building material with the highest strength / weight ratio.

This means that “light” constructions ensure a high degree of resistance and protection in the event of disastrous natural phenomena such as strong winds and earthquakes.

Furthermore, zinc-coated steel is less subject to corrosion, the negative effects of time, deformations due to settling, the aggression of micro-organisms, molds or insects.

The luxury of space

More space for your interiors as the thickness of the walls made with the Light Steel Frame is less than that with traditional construction techniques, leaving 15-20% more surfaces available for the interiors of buildings.

Flexibility, customization and reduced invasiveness of interventions.

You can customize the functionality and design of the structure and finishes according to your needs or the characteristics of the project.

The Light Steel Frame system by Costruire Leggero facilitates expansion, raising or recovery interventions, ensuring minimal impact on the existing structure, perfect integration with all construction systems and the possibility, for example, to work on industrial buildings without having to block the production.

This construction system also makes it possible to create large windows as, by strengthening the heavy support carpentry, it is possible to free up vast spaces to be allocated to lights and views of the landscape, with a great impact from an architectural point of view.
The versatility of this system is also exploited for wooden houses, which provide steel supporting structures for areas with huge windows or overhangs, with considerable cost savings and greater efficiency.

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