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Our company represents the maximum expression of the concept of advanced construction and Costruire Leggero is the brand that distinguishes it.

Only a few subjects on the market are able to create buildings of any type using the Light Steel Frame system and among these, our company is perhaps the only subject with a history capable of documenting its incredible characteristics. , with projects carried out for the major players of the Italian economic panorama.

With Costruire Leggero we have laid the foundations for an epochal change in the world of construction and construction systems and this, thanks to years of experience in so-called “dry” constructions and the consolidated partnership with the major suppliers in the world of structural components.

We use steel structures with very high standards, characterized by mechanical and corrosion resistance, more versatile with regard to architectural needs, even in the construction phase, unlike what is allowed by the traditional or wooden system.

These standards require the structures to be finished with state-of-the-art eco-sustainable materials, with less environmental impact and able to guarantee people’s well-being and health, like never before.

With Costruire Leggero we live the future.

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COSTRUIRE LEGGERO today achieves the perfect synthesis of the most innovative systems for dry building, bringing the integration of components to the highest level and going to the heart of the construction: the structure.

The latest generation thin metal profiles cold formed with structural steel, give life in a short time to residential and non-residential projects, which are completed with systems in sheets and panels for the external envelope, internal partitions, floors and roofs.



Compared to traditional construction methods, the system allows a reduction in production, transport and assembly costs on site. But above all it guarantees certain costs, as a consequence of the prefabrication which involves the absence of additional costs due to further work to be carried out on site.


The high strength / weight ratio of steel allows for very small profiles with high strengths; this leads to a significant reduction in the weight of the structure with consequent benefits for the entire building in the face of seismic events.


Performing and compact internal and external walls that allow at the same time to increase the walkable surface of the building by minimizing the waste of the covered surface.


Quality is further guaranteed thanks to off-site pre-assembly activities within the manufacturing site.


The thermal insulation and finishing systems, integrated into the structure, guarantee the creation of a highly technological envelope able to contain the energy consumption of the building which will be at least in class A.


Load-bearing skeleton made of steel, a recycled recyclable material as it can be easily reinserted for the purpose of a new production cycle. Considerable reduction of processing waste resulting from a highly industrialized production characterized by a high quality control of the structural components in the factory.


Thanks to the prefabrication process in the factory, the work on site is essentially assembly, therefore rapid, precise and fast.


Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world and, once discarded and recycled, it does not lose its properties.


Suitable for the construction of buildings for residential, industrial and commercial use, with no limits to architectural design. Light Steel Frame does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the building.

Time is said to be the rarest luxury today. In construction, this idea has always been an absolute certainty.
To build it takes many months or years, to do it well and even more.

And delivery terms almost always move forward, even for long periods. The system developed by COSTRUIRE LEGGERO is the most contemporary and efficient evolution of traditional construction systems which makes it faster and less expensive in which the entire processing cycle is managed in an integrated way. At the base is the revolutionary Light Steel Frame process, or the cold bending of thin steel strips. From the project, developed thanks to the most advanced 3D design and structural calculation software, the information is transferred to the forming machines that proceed, in the factory, to the production of all the elements, quickly and with the precision and quality ensured by the processing. industrial. They are then transported to the construction site, where they will be assembled.




The structures of COSTRUIRE LEGGERO are dry prefabricated buildings on structures in cold formed thin steel profiles of extreme lightness, with exceptional physical-mechanical characteristics of solidity, strength, durability and elasticity. The buildings are completed by fully customizable internal and external cladding. Structural efficiency, environmental sustainability and extreme versatility are the result of an absolutely innovative process in the construction sector, which from the project, developed and shared according to the criteria of the highest and most specialized multidisciplinarity, leads to completely off-site construction. All the components of the building are industrially produced, ensuring the highest manufacturing precision, the elimination of errors, the elimination of waste materials, and then assembled in an efficient, clean, fast construction site with a limited impact on the territory.




The advanced construction system in light steel with Light Steel Frame technology allows to obtain any type of structure, previously designed, producing all the elements necessary for its realization.
The design phase, in fact, makes use of the most advanced 3D design and structural calculation software, which allow the greatest freedom of design and the possibility of being able to tackle any type of project.
First the architectural idea is developed in detail on the basis of the technical specifications and then, thanks to the three-dimensional display, the image of the structure and each of its components is provided, allowing for any corrections or changes. Finally, all the information is transferred to the forming machines that proceed with the production of all the elements (walls, beams, columns, floors) that will make up the building. All this quickly, ensuring maximum precision and making use of superior quality elements without any type of imperfection.